Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a friend

Savi needs a friend...all day long he plays, for the most part contently, and I play too, but I feel inadequate.  He needs a little friend that he can grow alongside.  That is one thing that is hard about being here, there are no ninos for him to play with.  I get sad sometimes when I see him running around in patterns that I know only a one year old would understand.  I think to myself, "I wonder if he is lonely?"  But the Lord knows and he will bring a little playmate for him in His perfect timing.  Maybe we will meet a cute little Peruvian mamasita and he can play with her?! I am beginning to see the little difficulties that come along with moving here and at the same time I am so blessed to be a part of this little community.  I am just continually praying that the Lord makes our time here a sweet one, no matter how long or short.
On a funnier note...Savi learned about iPods and headphones these past couple days and now he is hooked!  

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puff-daddy/unbounklably boucles... said...

ill come be his little friend if you want me too. ill consider it a ministry and do worship with him consisting of a ukelele and an egg shaker. and you can watch in a motherly way while you bake me some cookies in thanks. and then we can hit up some chinese food and get the gummi bear chicken.

this is nat, by the way.