Sunday, August 24, 2008


We journeyed out of "gringolandia" on Friday and went to Miraflores, an area of Lima.  We were told that it was about a 40 minute walk but it ended up taking us about an hour and a half because we decided to walk along the beach which was quite nice.  Our new friend Gino took us.  Gino is a really nice guy, he handcrafts custom items out of wood and he is waiting on the Lord to show him where to step into ministry.  Miraflores is a mix between  New York and any other South American Metropolis.  It was beautiful...we had some chifles, fried plantain chips, along the way and we found a really neat coffee shop.  As we were driving back to the house in our taxi we notices that there is a flea market every so often.  We will definitely be hitting that up.  Flea markets remind me of Noelle and Jo in Jersey.  Slowly we are getting to explore the beautiful area around us.

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